Partnering Up with an Corrugated Box Manufacturer – Recyclability, Reusability, And Sustainability

A corrugated box is made of heavy paper pulp or thick paper stock. Some common examples can be seen in cereal boxes, beverages, and another product packaging. Corrugated cartons are preferred for shipping products, as they are made up of multiple layers of material and not just a single sheet. The blog highlights the benefits of partnering with a Corrugated Box Manufacturer.

A corrugated box is made mainly from trees, and because of this, it is considered as most recovered packaging material. It is sustainably manufactured from trees and recovered corrugated boxes with a recovery rate of over 90% over the past eight years and 96 percent in the previous year. The recovered fibre is recycled to make new corrugated boxes and additional paper products. For this reason, the average corrugated box is usually manufactured from 50 percent recycled content. Being recyclable material, corrugated packaging boxes can also be efficiently reused. The flexibility and durability allow it to be used multiple times before recycling and creating new packaging.

Printing and Graphics Capabilities: Corrugated box manufacturer in Delhi incorporate graphics and other images into the packaging, which is a better way to capture a user’s attention than through custom graphics. Graphics and logos help grab the customer’s attention and remember the product. These boxes enable you to boost your brand awareness. The four usual graphic printing options are digital print, direct print, litho labelling, and combined graphics.

Product Safety: The essential thing your corrugated packaging should ensure is the safety of the product inside. Because nothing is more important than the safety of the products, a custom-designed corrugated packaging box can ensure that the product makes it safely from one point to another. A corrugated packaging box also enables you to add extra packaging materials like a foam to assure the product’s safety.

Customization: There aren’t several packaging choices that let you exclusively customize the packaging, especially for your product. The product packaging can be altered to match the appearance and texture of the product. You can achieve this with a corrugated shipping box.


Regarding e-commerce packaging solutions, there isn’t anything like one-size-fits-all. Making customized packaging is one way to attract your customers y showcasing your product quality. Get the best packaging material. Reach out to PackPlay, one of the best Corrugated box manufacturer for All Types of Corrugated Paper Packaging boxes.

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